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What does the “A to B” stand for?

“A to B” means we do things in the fastest possible way. We go from “A” to “B”, meaning taking the most direct path, instead of taking the long route going from A to Z.

How long has Bob been licensed in real estate?

Bob became licensed with the California Department of Real Estate as an agent in November, 1985 and he became a Real Estate Broker in August, 1992.

What has Bob done in his real estate career?

Bob worked as a mortgage broker for over 20 years, managed properties for owners since 2001 and he has acted as a listing agent and a buyer’s agent his entire career.

How many properties has Bob sold in his career?

Bob has sold over 1100 properties in his career.

How long has Bob lived in the area?

Bob moved to Silicon Valley in September 1978 after graduating from college at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. He has two degrees, one in Chemistry and another degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked in the semiconductor industry before transitioning to real estate.

What are Bob’s work ethics?

Bob values ethics as one of the highest attributes and conducts his business in this manner. He strives to ensure that his clients are happy with his service.

Please consider A to B Realty if you are looking for help from someone with extensive knowledge and experience in real estate with a successful track record.